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We specialise in pricing analytics and revenue management

Your pricing. Our Skills.
Imaging getting access to a corporate-level pricing team.

Pricing is NOT about tricking your customers or using mind tricks to fool people.
Pricing IS about the healthy balance between the value you provide, and the price you charge for it. 
It is about understanding how value is perceived by your customers, delivering that value, and charging for it.

Meet our Founder
Zen Ore, a.k.a. “that pricing guy”, is a respected consultant who helped business across Australia, UK, USA, and Israel.
Zen’s background is in procurement, negotiations, and deal structure, which gave him quite the reputation with pricing teams he opposed in negotiations.

After years in operations management roles he specialised in analytics and BI, leveraging his statistics-rich engineering degree. Zen constantly volunteers to support small business and young entrepreneurs.

Following his career in Pricing Analytics with some big names in the Australian market, Zen decided it is time to level the playing field and give the smaller players access to “the big boys toys” of pricing analytics and revenue management.

Don’t let your accountant cook, or your chef do the accounts.
Pricing is crucial. Use an expert.

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