Pricing as a Service
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Portrait of Zen Ore

Struggling to determine the right pricing strategy?

With years of experience in SaaS, Energy, Retail, Gaming, Health, and other industries, we specialize in providing Pricing and Monetization Models and Strategies tailored to your unique business needs.

Our bespoke models and strategies make an impact:

  • Aligning your customer value with your pricing metric.
    Making sure you deliver the right value, at the right price, to the right customer.
  • Align your overarching business strategy and objectives across long- and short-term strategies.
    i.e. Customer Retention, Net Dollar Retention, Profitability, and Growth.
  • Support in deal negotiations
    • Defining the best way to price large deals, tailored to your unique customer
    • Defending price and value when opposing procurement teams.
  • Make sure your investors see the right potential in your company’s Commercial Pricing Strategy.
  • Protecting your supply chain, production, or back end technology infrastructure in taking a long term view rather than quick wins and dangerous potential future costs.

Our services include:

  • Pricing and Monetization Strategy Development
  • Facilitate your transition to Value-Based Pricing
  • Supporting Sales Teams in Selling On Value, not just price.

We offer Research Design services for Price Sensitivity, Value Perception, and Customer Demand Drivers Beyond Price.

Meet Zen, our Chief Monetization Officer and founder of Pricing Is a Thing.
a.k.a. “that pricing guy”, Zen supported business across Australia, UK, USA, and Israel.

With a strong strategic mindset and data-driven methodology, Zen creatively resolves business challenges into actionable solutions.

As a mentor of Pricing and Commercial Strategy for the Australian Government’s Boosting Female Founders initiative, Zen is passionate about supporting and coaching entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

Zen brings a holistic approach to pricing and deal-management decisions.

Let us help you increase your profitability and achieve customer-focused growth.

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