The Optimisation Process

Pricing Optimisation is a specialised practice.
We use the following disciplines:

Data Analytics

we love data!

This is how we process information to extract business insight.

Statistical Modelling

Representation. Approximation. Prediction.

This is how we test, analyse, and forecast market reaction to price change.


In market.

How we assess customer’s demand drivers beyond price, and convert business challenges into research test hypotheses in market.

Pricing Tactics

This is the exciting part everyone loves and often overuse.

How to present your prices after setting them correctly using the scientific approach to business.

Pricing Strategies

Where long-game approach, analytics, and smart reaction to market comes into play.

Where we make sure your pricing aligns with business goals at the different stages of the product’s life cycle, the company’s maturity phase, operations, and finance.

Behavioural Economics

Final touch of art.

Making sure all the hard work doesn’t stay on paper (well, OK, Excel spreadsheets and Power BI dashboards) and is delivered to the customer in an appetising way.

Data Analytics

Yes. Again!

No market is frozen. Smart businesses keep testing, assessing, and reacting to market dynamics.

Pricing a playing the long game.

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