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“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”
– Red Adair

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Every Cent Counts!

How are you setting your petrol price? Guessing, or Statistical Modelling? How much are you losing on each cent diff?

Use Data Analytics.
Optimise margin and volume.

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Big work. Small profit?

Is your menu actively making money, or is it just a list? Is your price right?

Price setting is important
Price presentation is crucial!

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Retail | Online Shop

1000s of items or just a few.

Make much more profit using:
Price Sensitivity Testing.
Value Perception research.
Packages, Bundles, Specials.

Let data analytics do the heavy lifting!

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New Business

Price before not after

• Pricing with customer in mind
• Pricing as an afterthought

Align your price with value perception.

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Not For Profit | Charities

Struggling to be more commercial?

Benefit from advanced pricing practices.

Pricing tactics can increase support

Strategy is focus.

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Sole Traders

All consultants see this too many times;

The businesses that need me the most, can’t afford it.

Pay what you think is fair!

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Training | Webinars

Business owner
Communicate and charge for your Value.

Get pricing and monetisation super power.

Design, run, and analyse pricing research, metrics, and KPIs.

Business consultants
Develop a pricing mindset.
Sharpen your commercial edge.

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