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JewBu Pricing
I started my business with the desire to have more direct contact with the people I do Pricing for.

All consultants see this too many times;
The businesses that need us the most, can’t afford it.

I decided to help any sole trader I can, regardless of their ability to pay now! πŸ›ˆ

Boring personal stuff (my story)

I am from Israeli Jewish background and have been learning and practising some aspects of Buddhist teachings, mainly meditation, and some Dharma.

In Judaism, learning (Limud) is done by promoting amicable conflict. πŸ›ˆ
Buddhism learning style is more inner reflection & abstractions.

Both systems of thought propagate Giving, expecting nothing in return.
It is good for your soul, it is fantastic for your mental well-being, and it is just a nice way to live your life.

For me, being part of growing a small business, helping them make more money and feel more successful is priceless.

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