Is Pricing Really A Thing?

A Pricing Recipe of sorts

Pricing Analytics and Revenue Management have been around for a long time now. Airline pricing and retail tactics are famous examples.

Due to the range of skills involved, the usage of data analytics frameworks, and the complexity of some processes, pricing methodology is mainly used by the big players.

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Common Pricing Examples

The best way to learn a magic trick is to watch a good magician and then watch a bad one.

You’ve heard of pricing and you think you kind of get it. Here are a couple of common pricing examples that will get us smoothly into the right context.

  • Popcorn at the movies.
    Ever wandered how that came to be?
    We all know the markup is high, but we all pay (and enjoy the product!).
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Common Pricing Mistakes

Do you sometimes feel like you made a mistake with your pricing?
Here is a short list of the most common mistakes we see with businesses we work with.

Pricing is not extremely complex (if you like science and commercial thinking), but it is also not that simple and you might sometimes make a mistake. Here are a few examples:

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