4.99 | Pricing in Small Business discussion group on Meetup

4.99 | Pricing in Small Business discussion group.
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We discuss group members’ pricing challenges, pricing research, and more.

Being a discussion group, we each get to talk about our business and our pricing challenge.

Each session another member will be given a chance to present their pricing challenge in more detail.
We then discuss ways to solve your challenge and improve our pricing skills.

Each session ends with a short pricing tip by Zen Ore or a guest speaker.

Join to learn and collaborate with like-minded business owners.
Feel free to invite guests who can benefit from this pricing resource.

Develop your pricing power.

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Tiny Habits can lead to big Pricing Impact

As part of our continuous learning of behavioural economy, behaviour design, and decision making, we recently discussed this amazing book by BJ Fogg.


This book showcases behavioural design based on research, and it’s power in helping people better their lives by creating and changing habits. We recommend this book to anyone, regardless of Pricing Optimisation.

But certain insights from this book can help businesses improve their price presentation, customer engagement, and more…

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