What Price Optimisation is Not …

Price Optimisation Good or Bad

Pricing is NOT about tricking your customers or using mind magic to fool people.
Pricing IS a healthy balance between the value you provide and the price you charge for it. 

It is about understanding value, as it is perceived by your customers, delivering that value, and charging for it.

Would you consider getting a makeup before taking your portrait as a deception tactic, or as a way to make sure you present yourself in the best way you can?

How about washing your car before selling it? Wearing smart cloths to an important meeting?

yes no strip

A good price optimisation service helps your business get clarity and focus.

  • Figuring out your value proposition
  • Challenging your assumptions of that proposition
  • Finding and testing you (potential) customers’ perception of the value
  • Assessing willingness to pay
  • Aligning your value proposition with your price (your own value)

In other words, influencing your customers is legitimate, as long as you are not creating any false perception. Moreover, helping my customers understand my value, is actually helping them make better purchase decisions. Getting paid for my value is part of a healthy business relationship.

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